White Stone Kitchen CountertopAchieving the perfect atmosphere for your kitchen – one that truly reflects your personality, tastes, and preferences – is probably one of the most important foundations of home design and décor. And, probably the most important aspect of kitchen design are the countertops! They are the focal point of your room, as well as the place where all of your food preparation activities will take place. This is why it is very important to pick the best countertops for your kitchen. That’s where TGi Quartz & Granite comes in!

Whether you are in the kitchen cooking up a storm every day, or one who prefers to stay away from the oven altogether, everyone can agree on one thing – we’d all love a great kitchen! Well, with our great selection of granite, quartz, quartzite, marble, and other materials, you can have any appearance you desire for your kitchen. We can help you determine the best type of stone for your needs, whether it’s the low maintenance of quartz countertops, the natural element of granite kitchen countertops, or the variation of marble countertops, we can help you create the kitchen of your dreams.

Our kitchen countertops can be the grand centerpiece of your entire kitchen, or the subtle component of function and class that makes you happy to come home to it every day. Want something with a contrasting exotic look that gets noticed immediately? We have a very impressive assortment of granite in many different colour combinations. If you’re looking for a countertop that stands out from the crowd, come to us. Or, are you more interested in a softer look, where the colours blend more fluidly and doesn’t stand out as much, but still adds a timeless look and extraordinary quality to your home? We have everything from exotic to soft, and we would love for you to come visit our showroom and see! We’re confident that you’ll find something to ignite your creative side and inspire a new look for your home.

Vanity Top Your bathroom. The place where you go to relax, to cleanse, to get ready for the day, and everything in between. Your little mini-getaway. Your private personal space. One of the most important rooms of your home! And because of that, it is very important to turn it into the place that makes you feel amazing. With our selection of vanities, we’re certain that you can find a look for your bathroom that suits your individual needs. Do you want to feel a sense of calmness and a relaxing atmosphere when entering your bathroom? Or, do you want to feel alive and energized? How about dark and romantic? Or something bright and busy? We can help find something perfect for you – so when you walk into your bathroom, you will get the desired ambience.

We have a great selection of bathroom granite vanities, quartz vanities, and marble vanities that you can choose from to achieve your desired tastes. We would love to have you stop by our ottawa showroom and take a look! Our team members are very experienced and knowledgeable and have the necessary home décor skills. They’ll be able to help you pick the right stone and achieve the right look! And, most importantly, we are friendly, enthusiastic, and truly believe in making every customer feel special.

Fireplace Surround For a very stunning, unique, and creative piece for your home, we also offer fireplace surrounds made from any of our stones. A fireplace stone surrounds for your room can be an elegant way to showcase your fireplace and add an element of personalization that could not compete with any other. Getting a custom fireplace surround done with TGi Quartz and Granite ensures a level of distinctive sophistication that is incomparable to others. And because we custom fabricate everything, there is never any question on if we can complete your project. Come in today and talk with one of our team members and let’s create something beautiful!

White Stone Kitchen Countertop TGI Quartz and Granite is Ottawa’s preferred supplier of granite or quartz bath surrounds to homeowners. Bathtub surrounds provided by TGI, protect the walls just above a bathtub or bathtub/shower unit. Those high quality stone surrounds can be constructed in many styles, ranging from a kind of backsplash around the tub (solid stone), to fully covered walls that encase the three sides of a bathtub or shower alcove. In some bathrooms, the surround can include virtually all wall surfaces.

Although entry-level homes typically use ceramic tile, TGI Quartz and Granite offers a granite or quartz option for bath surrounds, to bring to your bathroom the level of elegance that stands out and increases the market value of your property.

Also, TGI understands that the appeal of a perfectly drawn bath can’t be denied. However, letting the water run in one of those fabulous shower boxes elevates the regular shower to a spa-worthy experience. From the traditional quarries of Carrara Marble in Italy, to the beauty of Indian and Brazilian Granites, and the stunning man-made veined Quartz from all over the world, TGI Quartz and Granite brings beautiful designs which trigger your imagination, and allow you to take your daily showering routine to a whole new level.

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